Why I didn't believe the hype


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What I don't get, and this is similar to the GA race, is how many independents will vote an R governor yet split the ticket and vote in a D senator.

Personally, I'd much more likely vote in a D Governor than a D Senator knowing how far left the national D party has gotten. Someone clue me in here how people vote a conservative R governor buy vote in Warnock or Kelly?
Again, how does a population in 3 ducking races vote in an R governor but a D Senator. Someone explain it to me?


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Jesus are they going to lose the house? If so we are fooooked.
The longer the "counting" goes on, the more Democrats achieve the "winner's circle" ... and yes, regardless of this election, unless there's a 2024 miracle involving Trump, the nation will be TOTALLY GONE, as we've known it!