The One Remix: The ball that does it all!!

Maine Man

I was excited to see how The One Remix performed, especially after being such a big fan of the original The One. A lower RG ball, with a huge Diff and Int. Diff, combined with the Gb14.4 solid cover, you would think it would be an early rolling flare monster, but when I drilled it and threw it on a variety of conditions, it surprised me with how versatile it was. The One Remix features DOT technology, so you can drill it anywhere and not worry about voiding your warranty, and DynamiCore for more hitting power at the pins and increased longevity. The One Remix was drilled with a 45 x 5" x 60 layout, to stretch that transition from skid to hook to roll, while giving the ball enough length to use its massive firepower through the pins.

On a 41 ft. THS I was able to play deeper on the left side, around 17-18 at the arrows and swing to 4-5, migrating even deeper as the night went on, keeping good pin carry, even as I cut off my angles. I then used The One Remix on the 44 ft. Hardwick oil pattern, a higher volume sport shot, and that is where it really shined. I could play tighter inside around 15-16 at the arrows, keeping my breakpoint around 11-12 and still get fantastic hit and pin carry. The One Remix has a perfect blend of power and control, and even though the numbers say it should be a bigger specialty ball, it is fast becoming the first asymmetric out of my bag. If you are a serious tournament bowler, or someone looking to upgrade their arsenal, The One Remix HAS TO be in your bag. The One Remix is available now from Bowler Builders Pro Shops and pro shops everywhere!