Radical Conspiracy Solid Review!

Maine Man

I drilled the Radical Conspiracy Solid to be that big solid asym that can control the mid-lane and be consistent pattern to pattern when the condition calls for it, and it fits perfectly there. The Conspiracy Solid uses the legendary Conspiracy core combined with the HK22+ Solid cover to produce one of the strongest yet forgiving balls in the Radical lineup. I can move inside on patterns like Hardwick 44’ or Paris 47’ with ease, cut off my angles, and the Conspiracy Solid keeps striking. On medium length, heavier patterns, like Alcatraz 38’, I can get the ball to roll forward quicker, stop at the pocket, and still carry corner pins like I am peeling it off the edge. The only patterns I do not recommend this ball on are super short, or light volume medium patterns, which is why Radical has other great options like the Outer Limits Pearl or Deadly Rattler Pearl. Lastly, if you bowl on house shots, you will love this ball because you can move as deep as you want, and the Conspiracy Solid keeps hooking and striking! Get your hands on one now from Bowler Builders Pro Shop or pro shops everywhere and join the Radical Revolution today!