Hammer Scorpion Low Flare review!

Maine Man

I drilled the Hammer Scorpion Low Flare 4.5” x 30 to be a medium response hybrid symmetric, mildly strong through the mid-lane with a little kick, and it performs perfectly. Removing the flip puck from the LED 3.0 core found inside the Scorpion Sting lowered the differential and flare potential, making this ball a perfect fit for Hammer. I have had tremendous success on our 42’ THS, I am able to play in the oil cutting of my angles, and the Scorpion Low Flare can still get the corner pins out. The hybrid cover gives me the best of both worlds, enough length to play straighter, with traction when I need recovery. When you need to open the lane up and create more shape, the Scorpion Low Flare has you covered. A very versatile piece of equipment, this is one I have been looking for all season long. I used it on a 6:1 39 ft. challenge pattern and whacked them for a four-game block, then went to Aalborg 35’ and had even more success. You can order the Hammer Scorpion Low Flare now from Bowler Builders Pro Shop, and pro shops everywhere. Nothing hits like a Hammer!!