Any way a button could be added so that you could navigate either forward or backwards (or both) within posts of a forum so that we don't have to constantly click the browser's "back" button to get back to the main screen to click each topic within a forum?
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There's a Back to Topics button right next to the Post reply button up top. That takes you back to the forum you were in.
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That's not what I'm requesting. If I'm in the 8th post in the Off Ramp forum and hit the "previous" button I'd like to go directly to the 7th.

I guess I should have previous/next instead of forward/back.
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Hmm... Usually what I do is open threads in new tabs. I don't get to read everything so the ones I follow I open in new tabs.

These are good suggestions though. I don't think the software does that, but I'll keep it in mind when I upgrade. Hopefully sooner than later.
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Greg T said:
Let me try to figure this out. Do you mean 8th PAGE? Or 8th thread?
8th thread. Like in this forum it I were in (whatever page of) the "posting pics" thread and hit previous, it would take me to this thread. I hate to say it, but just like BR.
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Greg T.

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Yeah, I would say let Tony work on the software for a bit. He's planning on changing the look and feel of the entire site and there will more than likley be some excellent creature comforts in the upgrade.
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